Dear Friends of the Mission,

On Saturday, September 23rd, 20 years were completed since the establishment of the Holy Metropolis (Diocese at the time) of Nigeria.

For many years now the Orthodox Missionary Fraternity has been a succorer and supporter at every step of our ministry here in various ways, always showing sympathy to our problems, struggles and anxieties and willingness to provide help.

Over the years, and always by the grace of God, we have built a brotherly relationship, founded on mutual respect and trust. Despite the objectively adverse conditions and the breadth of the Fraternity’s activities, our Metropolis has become the recipient of your love and goodwill.

On behalf of all of us, clergy and laymen, I extend our heartfelt thanks and express to you, your associates and members as well as to the known and unknown donors, our deep gratitude for your decisive presence in the life of our local Church.

We wholeheartedly pray that the Lord will continue to support your life and your multifaceted and very important activities, giving you health and longevity. Please remember us in your prayers.

With a thankful heart and love in Christ,
† Alexander of Nigeria