Dear Friends of the Mission,

The Holy Metropolis of Mexico continues its God-pleasing Missionary work in the countries of Latin America.

This time, we had the formal opening of the first Cathedral of the country, which was held in Aguacate, Guatemala, organized by Father Damianos, Chancellor of the Metropolis of Mexico. Thousands of Mayan Indians welcomed Archbishop Athenagoras with the Holy Relics of the Martyrs with tears in their eyes. The most touching thing, though, was that they sang in Greek the Paschal hymn “Christ is Risen” and the hymns in praise of Patriarch Bartholomew’s and Archbishop Athenagoras’ fame. The poem you sent to Archimandrite Damianos was read in Spanish during the ceremony.

With a lot of love for Orthodoxy in the spirit of Easter, our Metropolitan embraced as a loving father this people of God, and continues his great work under the cover of the Risen Christ and the Virgin of the Annunciation, to whom the church was dedicated. Evangelism for the Mayas that are receiving the true light of the Resurrection!

Worthy of congratulations are Father Evangelos, the church priest, and all the Indian priests of Guatemala. We would like to thank all those who honored us with their presence at the opening ceremony of the first Guatemalan Cathedral as well as the representative of the Patriarchate.

From the Holy Metropolis