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Orthodox Missionary Fraternity

Other ways to help

Contribute in kind

Our missionaries wait for your own invaluable help, so that they can ease the pain in the countries, where they minister. Even goods that are needless for you are fully needed by our brothers in the poor countries of the world. Various goods, such as food and medical equipment, can become the means to make them smile. Let’s not be indifferent. Some people wait for the Christ and your love.

Urgent needs: Long-term food, personal care products, cleaning products, equipment for the disabled (wheelchairs, crutches, walkers), medical equipment, holy utensils.

Permanent needs: clothing and footwear, medicines, bedclothes, household items (vitrics and linens), bicycles.

For any relative information, please contact our warehouse in Philyron, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Address: Anapauseos 27, Philyron, GR570 10  Asbestochorion, GREECE

Telephone/fax: +30 2310 678 931

Opening hours: 18.00-19.30 weekdays and 11.00-13.00 Saturdays.

Tell your friends

In the Church, no one can be saved alone. But we can help in the salvation of each other by praying, advising and supporting. You may not be able to give to the Mission, but you can always tell your friends about this special cause. You may also use the buttons below to do so.