Orthodox Missionary Fraternity

Orthodox Missionary Fraternity

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Featured project

Holy Archangels church, Diego, Madagascar

We build a church for the neophyte Orthodox community in the northernmost city of Madagascar. The construction works are almost finished. We need your help for the equipment of the church, so that our brothers will be able to celebrate the Nativity of our Lord in their new church this year…

€43,000 raised out of goal of €43,000




Since my early days of pastoral ministry in the spiritual field of Africa, I have remembered the Orthodox Missionary Fraternity supporting the struggle of the Church of Alexandria…

Stories from the Mission

Missionary journey to Vanua Levu

The course of events, according to the popular saying, in fact, the divine providence, led our paces to beautiful Savu-Savu in Vanua Levu, the second largest island of Fiji. This visit was originally scheduled for next month. However, a sudden big trial of our Orthodox brother Pantelis Baravilala made us leave the urgent tasks we […]

April 21

Love will never cease to exist

This year with the long delay of the rainy season, it is very likely that the crop will fail. The richer inhabitants have reasonable suspicion that they will become poorer and the poor that they will die of hunger…

March 08

Fr. Chrysostomos Papasarantopoulos: Memorial service in Kinshasa

The saplings of Orthodox faith that were planted by this passionate, selfless and tireless missionary have now grown big and gone out to many countries of the African continent. Nowadays, Fr. Chrysostomos’ spiritual children give gratitude to him, keeping him in their memory and respectfully honoring his memory…

February 25

Akooaba! It means “Welcome”

In late January, a retreat of our communities takes place in Fomena village. The Orthodox faithful from all over Ghana gather here, where the place is organized like a summer camp, and for 4 days glorifying and praising God together…

February 19

Volunteer stories

Malawi: The fertile field of Christ

Emmanouil Karakousis

The people who consciously convert into Orthodoxy seek the Truth and are tired of the lies of the sects. Indeed, some of the converts raise the questions: Why did Orthodoxy take so long to come to Malawi?

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