Orthodox Missionary Fraternity

Orthodox Missionary Fraternity

2015: a missionary year in review

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Featured project

Holy Archangels church, Diego, Madagascar

We build a church for the neophyte Orthodox community in the northernmost city of Madagascar. The construction works are almost finished. We need your help for the equipment of the church, so that our brothers will be able to celebrate the Nativity of our Lord in their new church this year…

€43,000 raised out of goal of €43,000




We, the Ugandans, are grateful to your Fraternity as it was the first one to support the Church in Uganda, and has been by our side ever since at all costs, showing great understanding and admirable patience, being a modest helper and supporter throughout its course…

Stories from the Mission

Flowers of altruism out of the field of Cameroon

When he approached, we realized that the man pushing was blind! Together they had crossed a huge distance through the heavy traffic of the busy streets. The disabled man was guiding his blind brother, hoping in the mercy of God

January 21

“The Voice of Orthodoxy”

Where the priest cannot go, where the catechist cannot enter, in houses of people of any religion, enters the “Voice of Orthodoxy” and there miracles can happen…

January 12

An Orthodox Theological School in the Indonesian archipelago

The contribution of this School is immense. Since its establishment, 1002 students have graduated. Furthermore, it has already offered us three fine young men who recently entered the priesthood…

December 29

Look down from heaven and behold…

On October 26, the Church of Christ celebrated the memory of the Holy and Glorious Great Martyr Demetrius the Myrrh-gusher, also feast of our Diocese Cathedral. What does this celebration mean for the local Church of the Congo? From the early years of Christianity, the Holy See of the Bishop was that place in which […]

December 22

Volunteer stories

Diamonds of love and sacrifice from the Lion Mountain Range

Christos Georgiou

Before leaving for Sierra Leone, I filled my overweight luggage with little holy icons and crosses, books, school stuff, balloons and the communion bread that my mother kneaded for the Divine Liturgy…

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