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Orthodox Missionary Fraternity

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Featured project

Holy Archangels church, Diego, Madagascar

We build a church for the neophyte Orthodox community in the northernmost city of Madagascar. The construction works are almost finished. We need your help for the equipment of the church, so that our brothers will be able to celebrate the Nativity of our Lord in their new church this year…

€35,715 raised out of goal of €43,000



With meager means, your Fraternity began a struggle entailing many difficulties, pains and sacrifices. And today, you are on the first line of ministry to our poor, long suffering, disprivileged, downtrodden brothers by giving them the best and most valuable and by comforting them both spiritually and materially. And you pulled it off. You have faith and firmness in your aims and pursuits…

Stories from the Mission

Making our way to the Church of Benin

At the small parish community of the Nativity of the Theotokos, we prayed along with the little flock of the region, discussed at length issues on faith and listened to their their own experiences regarding the presence of God in their lives…

November 24

Missionary journey to West Africa (Part II)

Located in Kindia, the first major city after the capital Conakry, in the beautiful tropical African landscape, the Sacred Church of Saints Parthenius and Charalambos is under construction along with the Orthodox Academy…

November 18

This is a desert place

We do not have enough food for so many people, only five loaves and two fish. It is obvious that human logic, «arithmetic reasoning», is limited, whereas God’s logic removes all kinds of limitations…

November 14

Orthodoxy renews people

This is what the Orthodox spirit does. The tradition of Orthodoxy along with local habits forms a wonderful mosaic, rich in content…

November 06

Volunteer stories

Diamonds of love and sacrifice from the Lion Mountain Range

Christos Georgiou

Before leaving for Sierra Leone, I filled my overweight luggage with little holy icons and crosses, books, school stuff, balloons and the communion bread that my mother kneaded for the Divine Liturgy…

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