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Nursery/Primary School in Karmem, Benue, Nigeria

We are building a school to accommodate 400 young pupils in Benue, Nigeria. Let’s help them leave the strawhuts behind.

20,065 raised from goal of 43,000 €


Since I remember myself ministering in the spiritual field of Africa, I recollect the Orthodox Missionary Fraternity supporting the struggle of the Church of Alexandria…

- Patriarch Theodore II of Alexandria & all Africa

With meager means, your Fraternity started a struggle of many difficulties, pains and sacrifices. And today, you are in the first line to give the best and most valuable, to comfort, spiritually and materially, our suffering, disprivileged, downtrodden brothers. And you pulled it off. You have faith and firmness in your aims and pursuits...

- Metropolitan Makarios of Kenya

We, the Ugandans, are grateful to your Fraternity as it was the first one to support the Church in Uganda, and has been by our side ever since at all costs, showing great understanding and admirable patience, being a modest helper and supporter throughout its course...

- Bishop Innocentios of Burundi & Rwanda

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Stories from the Mission

CC-By Feans

Educational Sponsoring: guarantee of hope

It is sad to see youths who possess the learning capabilities required to continue into higher education have their expectations for a better future cut off due to the economic crisis…


A loving Orthodox bosom for Indians

The children have never owned anything; they never went to the school, nor they knew how to hold a pencil or how to wear their clothes properly or even how to bathe themselves. The transition from their old life can be difficult for them…


Pastoral visit to the indigenous of Northern Congo

Visit to the jungle of the Congolese North

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April 08

The great cause of building a girls’ orphanage in Madagascar proceeds successfully, despite financial difficulties. The aim of this project is to raise and protect parentless children, or children that come from problematic families in a safe, Christian environment – providing them total care both on a material and a spiritual level.

Our Fraternity has contributed to this project by funding the construction of a wing. We would like to thank the noble donors and hope that this great project will open its doors soon to give Malagasy girls the opportunity for a better future.


April 04

The Patriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa strongly condemns the senseless act of blind terrorist violence against dozens of Kenyan Christian students. These heinous acts constitute a complete disdain for the value of the human person and combat the right of every human being to confess his religion freely. They tragically affect the Christian community of the country, which unswervingly witnesses and confesses its faith in Jesus Christ, Who by His incarnation personified Love, Peace, Life and Resurrection in His theanthropic person.

Proclaiming our absolute opposition to any inhuman act of terrorism, motivated by religious intolerance, we express our most sincere condolences to the Presidency and the people of Kenya, participate in the national mourning and stand by the unspeakable pain of the families of the innocent victims. Moreover, we fervidly pray to our Most Merciful God to rest the souls of the departed young people and strengthen their afflicted families.

The Patriarchate of Alexandria

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