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Who is so great a god as our God?

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Featured project

Nursery/Primary School in Karmem, Benue, Nigeria

We are building a school to accommodate 400 young pupils in Benue, Nigeria. Let’s help them leave the strawhuts behind.

€44,000 raised out of goal of €43,000



We, the Ugandans, are grateful to your Fraternity as it was the first one to support the Church in Uganda, and has been by our side ever since at all costs, showing great understanding and admirable patience, being a modest helper and supporter throughout its course…

Stories from the Mission

Who is so great a god as our God?

The young woman who had had a smiling face until the part of catechesis was over but who started feeling uncomfortable from then on. And this turned into body convulsions, inarticulate screams and a fall to the ground at the sight of the sanctified water, before the triple immersion…

October 18

The Apostolic Diamonds in the Country of Gemstones

One of the most significant and difficult achievements of missionary activity is the translation and conveyance of the semantic meanings not only of the sacred texts, but also of the daily prayer practice of the Church into a language which is clear and understood by the newly evangelized peoples or by those who are constantly […]

October 08

An Orthodox church for the Kingdom of Tonga

We consider the construction of churches very important, since for us the Orthodox, along with the preaching of the holy Gospel, it is absolutely necessary to have the Divine Worship as well, particularly the celebration of the Divine Liturgy. The indigenous people are simple, good hearted people with a strong religious feeling and get more impressed by the solemnity of rituals of the Orthodox divine worship, rather than the chattering and shouting of the Christians of other denominations…

September 15

‘I was hungry and you gave me to eat’

We are located in one of the poorest nations on this planet, recovering from a long and barbaric civil war, a deadly Ebola outbreak and catastrophic floods. Therefore the obligation to feed the hungry becomes an imperative tenet of our Mission’s practical theology…

July 23

Volunteer stories

Malawi: The fertile field of Christ

Emmanouil Karakousis

The people who consciously convert into Orthodoxy seek the Truth and are tired of the lies of the sects. Indeed, some of the converts raise the questions: Why did Orthodoxy take so long to come to Malawi?

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